Another month gone, another favourites post. Here are some of the things I've been loving in April...

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I don't get around to doing much cooking as I like but I'm always looking out for new recipes that I'd like to try. At the moment, I've got a thing for cookbooks, and I intend to have a nice big collection of them when I move out! I've noticed a few already that I'd like to pick up - Deliciously Ella (we all know that one), The Part-Time Vegetarian (this would be so handy as my boyfriend is a vegetarian and I'm not, so I hope it'd give a lot of ideas where I wouldn't always have to substitute meat!) and Eat Smart (which is Niomi Smart's upcoming release in September - I really want to get into eating a lot healthier and experimenting with lots of healthy meals so this looks good!)

Graze box

In an attempt to get myself to reduce snacking (or at least snack more healthily) I ordered myself a Graze box using a free code from a magazine. So far I'm fairly impressed, though there was one thing I really didn't like! I really like the concept of it though and I know lots of people who've tried it and loved it, so I'll keep going!


If you've read my posts talking about something called 'The 16-week challenge' then you'll know what I'm on about here. Basically I'm trying to get into shape in 4 months before I go on holiday, and whilst it has been a bit hard to actually get myself to do it, I'm really enjoying the exercising and how much energy I'm getting afterwards. The downside I'm having at the moment is that on my rest days I am ABSOLUTELY KNACKERED. Hopefully I'll find a way to have enough energy each day but I hear the more you do it, the better you feel so fingers crossed!


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I've been obsessed with this show since I came across it and binge-watched it about 2 years ago after I graduated from university. I love country music anyways, but this was the first show I'd found that actually addressed it in a drama and I'm hooked! The music is gorgeous, and the storylines are getting so so good right now that I'm already excited for next week. I visited the Bluebird Cafe when I was in Nashville last year and tried so hard not to freak out...

Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting Liner

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I'm subscribed to Glossybox every month, and one of the products that came in my box was this gorgeous brow liner. I've been paying more attention to my eyebrows at the moment, and while they're not perfect, I've at least found the perfect colour for them, which is this! The normal price for it is £22 which is a bit pricey, but I love it because it not only has a liner, but also a beautiful highlighter at the other end which comes in handy! So happy I got this!