Whilst my boyfriend and I travelled to Milan for our 4-year anniversary trip, we made the decision to take a day out to go to Lake Como. Through doing a bit of research online, we found a guided tour for about £63 each, which considering it included all transport to and from Como, a guided 2-hour boat tour across the lake, and a walking tour in Como itself, it wasn't too bad!

We caught the coach at about 8.30am on the Friday morning in the centre of Milan. It was about a 30 minute walk from our hotel but very straightforward. We piled on the bus - which was full! - and were given a headset to use later on to hear our guide. As we were driving out of Milan, our guide was able to give us some more information about some of the sights and monuments of Milan which was really interesting!

It was about an hour or so's drive, and our guide told us to prepare to look out the window; when you turn off the motorway that leads across the border into Switzerland, you go through 2 tunnels one after the other, and after the second one, you're suddenly in full view of this beautiful valley with the lake running right through it. It was honestly breathtaking! The town of Como lay at the end of the winding road down the mountain, and all the building had terracotta roofs. It was like something out of a movie!

We stopped first at a very fancy house called Villa Olmo, which was designed and used by members of the Italian aristocracy as a summer resort back in the 1800s; it's so beautiful, and looks right out onto the lake!

After that, we drove into the centre of the town of Como, where we could opt for a 15/20 minute walking tour, which my boyfriend and I decided on! It's what you'd expect when you think small Italian town: beautiful buildings, cobbled streets, flowers everywhere....so perfect! We had a wander around some of the shops, picked up some breakfast, and then headed to the port to catch our boat.

The boat itself sails from Como all the way to Colico, on the north-east of the lake. We travelled up through the south-west side of the lake, stopping at Cernobbio, Laglio, Argegno, and Tremezzo, alongside many others! We even passed George Clooney's lakeside villa, and the house that's right at the end of the film Casino Royale (where Daniel Craig shoots Mr White in the foot)! The views were gorgeous, and as we got further north, we were able to see some of the Swiss Alps!

However, our trip took us up to the town of Bellagio, which is the centre point and called 'the gem of the lake'. We stopped here for a couple of hours, where my boyfriend and I could have lunch, explore the town and do some shopping. It really is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been!

After our time in Bellagio, we hopped back onto the boat to the other side of the lake where our coach was waiting to take us back to Milan, where we arrived back into the centre at around 6.30pm. It was a long day, but completely worth it, and another place on my bucket list ticked off! :)

If you're interested in the tour, this is the one we chose! I can't recommend going enough!