I don't personally live in London, but my boyfriend and many of my friends do, so I'm often about in the city at weekends. This past weekend, my boyfriend and I did some exploring around North London - specifically Camden and Primrose Hill. I'd been to Camden once before, but never to Primrose Hill (I won't lie, reading 'Christmas on Primrose Hill' by Karen Swan has made me more interested - go read it) and it was worth the wait.

After finally getting my brand new iPhone 6S, we hopped on the Overground to Camden Road, and walked up to Camden Lock. The reason we ventured this way was purely for Mac 'N' Cheese. I'd read a Buzzfeed article about the best places to get it in London (read it here) and my boyfriend, who is a big Mac 'N' Cheese fan, suggested we go all the way to Camden for it.

As you can see, it was worth it.

The Mac Factory (http://www.themacfactory.co.uk/) make just the best Mac 'N' Cheese, rivalled only to one in Boston that we found last summer - can't remember the name of it though! This portion was a good size, for a good price, and whilst Camden Lock is always crazy busy, we didn't have to wait too long either. All in all, a very good find.

We walked up towards Primrose Hill after that, which I was so excited for. The pictures don't do it justice, and unfortunately the weather didn't hold off, but seeing the London skyline from this point was amazing. A good idea for a cheap (but cold) New Year's Eve!

We headed back after that, but had the weather been better, we would've stayed around the area for longer as it's so gorgeous! So many boutique cafes and restaurants, which is a big thumbs up for me. Definitely a must-do in London!