I was once again in London this previous weekend and it was such a good'un! Friday night was just another chilled, relaxing (I say that ironically, we watched Luther and it was INTENSE) night in with the boyfriend. Saturday, however, was quite a busy day.

We got up and headed over to Westfield in Stratford. Coming from someone who lives in Oxford, where the shopping is not so great (yet), there is looooooads in Westfield and I looooove it. It was a quick wander to pick up some bits before heading back as I needed to get ready.

I went out with some friends on Saturday night in Clapham - we went to the infamous Infernos which was actually pretty good and we had such a fun night! I did however learn 2 things: a) I need to sort myself out as I did not feel too comfortable in what I was wearing - more on that in an upcoming post; and b) getting the night bus home from Clapham to East London is NOT FUN. We left the club around 2, had a wonderful McDonald's (as you do) and hopped on the bus(es) back home, getting in at just after 4am. It. Was. Freezing. Lesson learnt.

Anyways, the next day I was promised a brunch, which is really what I'm here to talk about. It's food, need I say more? We went back to Westfield and back to our spot, Balans. It's now, however, been refurbished to Balans Soho Society, and it's pretty good! The decor inside is gorgeous and modern, the food is still delicious, and the prices aren't bad either!

The only thing I was a little disappointed about was the fact that they had no more of the 'High Society Eggs Benedict' left, but I suppose that's what you get when you rock up at 2pm haha! I went for the Full English in the end and my boyfriend had poached eggs on toast with a side of potatoes - all of which were very good.

The staff were really lovely also, so if you're looking for a delicious weekend brunch that's a bit different and won't break the bank, give 'em a try. They've got other restaurants in Westfield in Shepherd's Bush, Soho, Kensington, and at this one in Stratford. Check them outtt!