Maeve is not a common name unless you live in Ireland. I do not, so my life has been full of people calling me Meave, Mauve, Mave, Maive....the list goes on! It's pronounced like 'Mayv' if that helps anyone..? I used to absolutely hate it when I was younger because it made me stand out so much, and I was very much the type of kid who never spoke up in class, who never did public speaking, and who kept very much to her friends and that was it.

Since I've gotten older however, I realise the benefits. Not only does it reflect my heritage, I like that it's different and that usually I'm the first Maeve people who I come across meet. It's so rare over here in the UK that people are often surprised by it - and the clever few who've spotted it's Irish before I tell them, well done you! Unfortunately it does make things hard when I'm ordering something (i.e. Starbucks) and I have to spell it out - I'm going to start using a fake name, it's easier (especially when travelling!). Graduation caused a bit of anxiety too but THANKFULLY we got through it and things worked out ok. You know you have a weird name when you have to spell out how to pronounce it on a graduation form...

Like I said, it's an Irish name, and unfortunately it means 'drunk'. I wish I was kidding but it's true. It's also hilarious for anyone who knew me at university, but thankfully that is no more! My spelling of the name is actually the Anglicised spelling, as traditional Irish Gaelic spellings are more like Meadhbh, Medbh, Maebh uncle tried to convince me to change it, but people have a hard enough time getting it as it is! The fact that it's Irish also means that there's only one country in the world where I can go to get anything with my name on it that's not personalised. Case in point:

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You have no idea how happy I was to find this. I still have a little keyring from Ireland with my name on it that I got about 10 or so years ago, and I will keep it forever because it is so hard to find!

At the end of the day, I love it because it makes me feel even more Irish than I already do (my Grandad was from Ireland and my Gran is half-Irish) and I won't lie, the temptation to one day name my kids with an Irish name - if by some miracle I have any - is getting stronger....if I don't live in Ireland it'll teach them lots of life lessons anyway! :)