Being an unemployed student as I am, I've had plenty of time to think about what it is I actually want to do with my life. So far, the only thing I am 100% sure with absolute certainty is that I want to see the world. Of course, being unemployed does not help.

Last summer, I completely self-funded a 2-month trip around the USA and Canada, with a quick stop off in Mexico for one night (the perks of being in San Diego...). I can safely say it was the best summer of my entire life. The food, the weather, the music, the food, the sights, the accents, the food....ughhhhh it was incredible. TAKE ME BACK.

3 years ago, I jetted off interrailing around Europe with two of my best friends for 3 weeks. It wasn't the best timing as it meant I had to start a long-distance relationship earlier than planned and that made me a bit upset, but it was the first real taste of travelling without some sort of plan for an extended period of time. We visited Paris, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Vienna, Budapest and Venice, and it definitely was a turning point in that it ignited the travel bug.

So with these trips in mind, I am ACHING to travel again and it's upsetting. But it's made me appreciate how much there is to do at home too. I am extremely lucky to live in Oxford, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with so much tourism, and so much history. I try not to take for granted that either via a 10-minute bus journey or a half an hour walk, I am bang in the city centre, where so many people around the world long to be. Even if I've never been a student at the university. There are so many things to do - obviously the colleges and their grounds, but areas like Jericho and the Cowley Road are up and coming, with plenty of great independent bars and restaurants.

Not only this, but my boyfriend lives in good ol' London Town, and we've made it our mission to explore as much as possible. Recently, we've visited Camden (I'd never been before and safe to say, I missed out for so long!), South Kensington and around City Airport in the east. If you're into your planes (as he is) it's so easy to wander down and watch with a brilliant view as they take off and land in front of your eyes. My favourite places in London are Portobello Road, Greenwich, and Spitalfields Market; there are so many quirky things to do and see.

It's one of my goals to see more of the UK this year (I am naively optimistic that a job will come in any day now given the thousands of applications I feel like I've filled out - it's so depressing) and find some new haunts. This summer is filling up quickly with lots of exciting plans and days out (AND MY BIRTHDAY), so the weather had better be good! Everything crossed not to have a proper British summer....

Anddddd, thanks to some wonderful people in my life, I am going to BRAZIL at the end of August for 2 weeks!!! We're visiting Sao Paulo, Iguassu Falls, and Rio de Janeiro, and I am so unbelievably excited - perhaps in part because it's more ticked off the bucket list and I get to scratch off a new country on my scratch map. Now to book my vaccinations, I better get used to this.